For those of us who are Christians, each fast is a time of great importance. What Should We Do During Lent? Every year, as the days of fasting, get closer, we try to find the answer to this old question. We are ready to adopt new decisions and restrictions during the Lent. Let us now meditate on the 10 suggestions given by Francis Pope, Head of the World Assembly, in various speeches on various things we should do during Lent.

1. Free yourself from slavery

2. Self-tolerance: take the pain

3. Be indifferent to God and to our neighbor

4. Keep praying to the heart of Jesus

5. Participate and dedicate ourselves.

6. Be Absorbed in prayer

7. Be fast Ready

8. Be more zealous in charity

9. Helping the poor

10. Preach the Gospel

How great are these Lenten ideas that Pope Francis has so often proposed! The Pope has shared a few things we can do to address our human limitations. During this Lent, let us strive to live in harmony with His will by giving others God’s love. Wishing everyone a very good Lenten season!


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