Rome: Sixty years old, the Secretariat for Christian Unity, which began with the preparation of the Second Vatican Council, to connect with other non-denominational churches and to demonstrate the ways of unity. On June 6, 1960, Pope John XXIII established the first Secretariat for Christianity. On January 25, 1960, on the feast day of the Apostle Paul’s proclamation, Pope John XXIII announced the Second Vatican II Council in the Basilica of the Vatican in the name of the Apostle Paul. The Pontifical Council official said that Saint Pope described the gathering of the Church Fathers as “Ecumenical Council”.

Ecclesiastical enterprise is the power to reorganize and rebuild the church, as He expressed it in Christ’s view. This process is a sign of faith in Christ and faithfulness to His Word. Prior to his torture, Christ prayed that all would be one. Ecclesiastical enterprise is a symbol of faith in Christ and love for his church. It is, therefore, a work of mediation among the disciples of Christ, and a constant striving for visible unity. Juan made that clear in the interview.


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