Mavelikkara: The President of the Kerala Anti-Liquor People’s Front, Bishop Dr. Joshua Mar Ignatius. He pointed out that in the 64 days between March 25 and May 28, when there was a complete ban on liquor, there were only 952 COVID cases in Kerala. Kerala, which was able to ensure social distance and gain more immunity when bars were closed, has now risen to the forefront of the world through effective COVID control, and today it is on the verge of serious social expansion.

In Kerala, the government has allowed liquor sales through 1298 retail outlets after May 28, instead of the previous 301 retail outlets. As a result, the number of murders, crimes, accidental deaths, and diseases in Kerala has increased significantly and there have been serious setbacks in COVID prevention activities. He requested the Government of Kerala to take immediate steps to close the liquor stores in the interest of the people and the country.


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