Shanti Sadan, inaugurated by the new Secretariat of Benaulim in Goa, will be inaugurated on January 6th. Archbishop of Bombay, Cardinal Oswald Gracias, will officiate. Rev. Felipe, President, CCBI President and Archbishop of Goa, Ferro Ground Floor, Vice President and Archbishop of Madras-Mylapore George Antonisamy will also inaugurate the first floor. The second floor will be inaugurated by Anil Kutko, the committee’s general secretary and Delhi Archbishop.

The Liturgy and Family Commissions of the National Latin Bishops Committee will be based in Shantasan, Benaulim. Liturgy Commission Executive Secretary Dr. Ayres Fernാndez is the administrator of Santizadan. It is also planned to conduct animated training of the Episcopal Conference at Santiasadan. Forty people can be accommodated in a three-room, 25-room building. The chapel, conference hall and dining hall have been added. Shanti Sadan is built in the homeland of the Sri Lankan Apostle Saint Joseph Vaz.

The fifth office will be inaugurated by the Commission for Proclamation Secretariat in Madhya Pradesh, Youth Commission Secretariat New Delhi, Pontifical Mission Secretariat, Headquarters and Bangalore. The CCBI is the National Episcopal Conference of the Latin Church, with sixteen commissions and three departments. The CCBI, which is the largest and fourth-largest bishop council in Asia, is a member of the 100 bishops in the diocese. Rev. Dr. Stephen Alathara is the General Secretary of CCBI.


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