Lahore: Jamia Ashrafia, the Islamic religious education institute in Lahore, has come out with a bizarre declaration that it is illegal for non-Muslim minorities such as Christians, Hindus, and Sikhs in Pakistan to build new shrines. In a statement issued on June 30, the Sharia law says that the rebuilding of new places of worship and construction of new places of worship is illegal under the Islamic State of Pakistan, although the existing places of worship of non-Muslims can continue. Jamia Ashrafia made this announcement in the context of the laying of the foundation stone of a Hindu temple in Islamabad.

Punjab Assembly Speaker Pervez Ilahi has already stated that building a new shrine in Islamabad is against the spirit of Pakistan. While the existing temples can be repaired, the construction of the new temple, especially in Islamabad, is against Islam. This nation was founded in the name of Islam. So these things are not allowed. Ilahi added. On June 30, the Pakistan Supreme Court rejected a plea seeking a stay on the construction of the new temple.


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