Lao: Short film, “The Veil Removed,” is a short film on the Internet that reveals the intersection of heaven and earth in the Holy Qurbana, which has been revealed repeatedly by the Holy Scriptures and the teachings of the Church. The theme of the short film is the transformation of the Holy Mass and the coming together of heaven and earth to celebrate and worship the Lord Jesus Christ. Chris Magruder, an anchor of Catholic Radio ‘Catholic Woman Now’ and co-anchor Julie Nelson, have made short films.

This is the first time they have heard about heaven and earth being united in the Holy Mass. Chris says that later on at the Holy Mass, God inspired him to make a short film while praising the Eucharist. The aim of the short film is to increase the public’s interest in the Holy Qur’an and to invite those who are away from the Divine Sacrifice to participate in the Mass.

The beautiful opening where heaven is opened in the liturgy and the beautiful scenes of saints, spirits, and spirits worshiping Jesus have become a new inspiration for many as they commemorate the sacrifice and the wine of Jesus’ cross, which takes place during the liturgy. Although the text is only a few words long, the website does not pose a problem for the viewer, and there is no difficulty in understanding it.

The work is expected to be released in nine languages ​​soon. Meanwhile, millions of people have watched this short video through various channels on YouTube and through new media such as Facebook and Twitter.



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