Rome: Mother’s House in Tortona, the ‘Little Missionary Sisters of Charity’ in northern Italy, has completely recovered from the death of more than half of the inmate monks and coroners. The Italian nun La La Stampa reported that the last nun who was hospitalized has been discharged. Sister Gabriella Perezi reported that 14 people who had been treated at a local hospital in Tortona, and 14 others in Quarantine, had been discharged and returned to the convent.

Mother House in Tortona, affiliated with St. Luigi Orion, the founder of the monastery, has been a refuge for the elderly and the disabled. Following Corona’s confirmation on March 15, 18 Sisters of the Convent were transferred to the Red Cross Regional Hospital. The remainder of the family continued to live in Quarantine. C, Sister said that only one Sister remained in the Mother House to look after six elderly nuns who had other illnesses that were not coronary. Gabriella revealed.

Upon learning of the sufferings of the nuns in Toronto, Francis sent an e-mail to Pope Superior General Mother Mabel Spagnuolo. “We need to be bold in our prayers and work at this time. Don’t forget to pray for me. “May Jesus bless you and your mother safeguard you.” The ‘Little Missionary Sisters of Charity’ is preparing to serve the Kingdom with more zeal but losing nine fellow monks.


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