Manhattan: The historic St. Patrick’s Cathedral Church in Manhattan, New York, has been mutilated by protests following the outbreak following the murder of George Floyd, a black man in the United States. The words BLM (Black Lives Matter) and NYPDK are inscribed on the exterior walls of the temple with black and red paint. It is against this malicious act that it is harshly criticized. Videos and photos of the church being mutilated are spreading in the media.

Investigative reporter Mary Murphy has posted a CCTV camera video of the church’s demolition. It is clear from the video that two white women are behind this. Murphy’s tweet says the New York Police Department has notified Detective Chief Rodney Harrison. Many tweeted on Twitter that it was a cruel act against the shrine during the protests.

The Cathedral Church, one of the most beautiful Catholic churches in the United States, has been condemned by protesters and the need for justice and law enforcement. Grant Cicone, a clergyman, tweeted. “Because he was unable to attend the Sunday Mass because of COVID 19, he thought he could pray for a moment in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. “There are no words to say about it,” another commented. “Why is the prayer hall so distorted that justice can be obtained?” There are many. Following the death of George Floyd, there is widespread protest across the country.


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