MITLINI: Muslim refugees in the Greek island of Lesbos in the northeastern Aegean Sea between Greece and Turkey continue to attack and destroy temples. The most recent incident was the destruction of the Greek Orthodox Church in Lesbos. The Greek Orthodox Church shattered the windows and the crosses were thrown to the ground. Islamic refugees have also damaged the shrine of Taxiarchy, named after Saint Mikhail, the Mediator of the capital of Lesbos, Mittelini.

With the help of the police, the locals chased the refugees out of the taxi-march shrine, but the pictures show that the situation inside the temple is heartbreaking. The influx of refugees from Muslim countries on a disproportionate scale continues to the island. Residents have been disturbed by the manner in which refugees behave like assailants and invade and destroy temples. The Greek city Times reports that Moriah natives have said that the threat of unlawfully migrated refugees is threatening to launch attacks on the shrines.

St. Catherine’s Church in Moria is now closed after a series of crises. Believers are guarding the entrance to the shrine. On Monday, more than 500 refugees marched from the Moria camp to the shores of Mytilini, but the Tactical Police (MAT) blocked the march. But the angry refugees threw stones at the police. There is already widespread criticism that refugees who arrive in Lesbos with the intention of emigrating to Europe are treated like occupiers.


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