PALA: Christians who embraced the tradition of Christianity in India in the first century AD, under the diocese of Pala, for twenty centuries, have come to preserve the world’s ancient Christian heritage. Bishop Mar Joseph Kallarangat, Bishop of the Diocese of Pala inaugurated the Syriac Studies Program, known as the ‘House of Wisdom of the East Syriac Studies’, which is also known by the Syriac name ‘Base Hekkasa Dsur Yaya Madnhaya’.

The Learning includes the history of various Syriac churches including the importance of the Syriac language and Jewish traditions and their all-encompassing contribution to the development of India. Has begun.

The Bishop recalled that the prominent presence of clergy and laymen from the area which comprised the Pala diocese was a great tribute to the leadership and scholarship of the Nasrani community which has always played a crucial role in the social and social spheres of Kerala. He wished the members of all the Syrian churches in Malankara, other Christians, and all religious people in the world to understand the language and spirituality that is prominent in the ancient heritage of the world and make the secular nature of India a good example in the world.

The meeting was attended by Mar Jacob Murikan, John Kannanthanam, Chairman, Fr. Mathew Kuttiyanikal, and Fr. Cyril Thayyil. 

Fr. Sebastian Adappassery, Fr. Sebastian Pazheparambil, Fr. Joseph Kuttiyankal, Fr. Joseph Pallakkal, Fr. Augustine Kandam, Fr. Joseph Eastcutt, Fr. Joel Pandaraparambil, Fr. Thomas Olayathil and others will lead the program. Classes are offered on the official Youtube channel and on the Facebook page of the Diocese of Pala.


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