Vatican City: Sister Angel Bippendu, who serves in Lombardy, Italy, denies receiving a phone call from Pope Francis. The Sister revealed today that someone had cheated from a colleague’s phone and that the pope had not called. Earlier, major international media outlets, including the Catholic News Agency, reported that the sorrowful Saturn Sister received a phone call from the pope. It was quoted in the Prophet’s voice.

However, when Sister received a call on the same number yesterday, it was reported that the fraud was detected. Asked about the same by a colleague who owned the number, he answered that he had lost his phone the day he received the phone call and that it was found on Sunday. The Sister said that it was decided to conduct a short investigation into the matter. The Catholic News Agency has withdrawn the news following the revelation. It is in this context that the news of the Prophet’s voice is withdrawn. Readers apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.


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