The first message of Pope 2020 is to remind the believers that the New Year will begin with an attitude of gratitude and praise. 2020 is fast approaching 2020, thanks to the good things God has given you in 2019. We should not think in the New Year that our earth has once again started to orbit around the sun. Because it’s still a big surprise for us. The pope said that we should be surprised and thank God for this miracle.

On the first day of the year, the church is celebrating God’s Father’s Day. We especially commemorate the Virgin Mary of Nazareth who gave the world Savior Jesus. To this day, a baby is a gift from God to all men and women in the world. Christ completely eliminated evil through the incarnation. We need to meditate with the eyes of faith in the scripture. We must see in the eyes of faith the world that has been set free from the grip of sin by Christ, the divine child sitting in the grass.

It is the Mother of God who blesses us with this saving plan and leads us to His Son, Jesus. He gives and points to our own son. This mother is blessing the church and the whole world. Bethlehem is born of a virgin in Bethlehem, as the angels sang at the birth of Christ. He is the divine glory that will bring peace to the world (Luke 2:14). It is for this reason that Paul VI wanted the first day of the Pope’s year to be dedicated to world peace in the church, and to celebrate World Peace Day.

World Peace Day is not just a day to pray for peace, but also a day to commemorate the responsibility of every human being in the peace of the world. Peace is the path of hope. Therefore, this year’s World Peace Day reminds us that we need to move on the path of dialogue, reconciliation and environmental change.

Let us turn our eyes to Christ, the Son, and Savior of the Father, Mary the Mother of God. In this New Year’s Eve, the pope urges us to pray for the blessing of the Virgin Mary and His Holy Prophet, who is holding His Holy Son, Divya Unni. Jesus is the Giver and Deliverer of those who fall under the yoke of moral and material slavery. Christ tells those who succumb to the forces of evil and lose their lives and remain in spiritual bondage, that the Father loves them, does not abandon them, and that loving Father patiently waits for their return. He looks for open arms, a heart and a loving face for those who cannot be saved from injustice and exploitation.

May we pray to the Mother of God, the fruit of modesty, to step down from our pride and temptation and grant us the gift of living! May we pray that He may give us His divine Son and open our hearts to His goodness. Thus, the Pope concludes with a prayer that God may pray to the Mother of God to help us live the way of hope and peace this year, not only in word but also in genuine ways of debate, reconciliation, and protection.


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