We humans have powerful impact on our environment. We have made advances in various fields. Science and technology has come up with ideas that were never imagined before. Life has become more easy and comfortable. Numerous inventions and innovations that were made for our convenience have now resulted in disasters. We have ruthlessly exploited our mother nature. Did we make a mistake somewhere? Why does it seem that we are digging our own Graves?

No, the technology is not bad. Advancement in technology is a blessing. Human beings are the only species on earth who can do that. The technology has both positive and negative effects on the environment.

Let’s start with the good things first. Man has the immense capability to create and invent. Some inventions have a negative impact while others have the opposite. Many inventions favour the nature though not all of them. Like the solar powered instruments. Electric vehicles perform the same function as that of any other vehicles but they don’t emit gases. Man with his abilities can make the best of these to protect the environment and maintain the harmony. If the mother nature looses her balance the existence of the whole world is in question.

When it comes to the negative side there is a lot. Right from the misuse and overuse of the vehicles that run on fuels, we can start counting our everyday activities. Over use of the chemical fertilizers that degrades the soil, cutting of trees to supply raw materials for production, letting untreated chemicals into the water from factories, huge amount of emissions of poisonous gases,  these are the side effects of  our advancement. Technology was supposed to be a friend to humans but it seems to have an evil side. As it makes life easy it takes life with it.

Now, this is a serious issue to be considered, was this the kind of advancement we wanted? Is this at all an advancement? If we degrade the nature, we will not survive unless we have our mother nature  Hale and hearty.



Written by: Fionna Samji