Celebrating the life of peace, unity and renewing their faith, an ecumenical movement organization, Tangkhul Christian Fellowship Delhi (TCFD) marked the 25th years of Silver Jubilee celebration at the St. Xavier’s Senior Secondary School. TCFD strives to develop closer relationships and better understanding between several Christian denominations while establishing home away from home. Events and festivals of the north-eastern region often bring them together to enrich their growth together socially and spiritually, hence standing out with their culture in the hub of multi-cultural society like Delhi.

As reported by ANI, TCFD Chairman Worso Zimik remarked that “The objective of this fellowship is to have a common platform for the Tangkhul Christians living in and around Delhi and NCR. Also, it aims to show respect for one another, to have more tolerant society among the community in Delhi and we also believe in the ecumenical movement in the church institution.”

The TCFD platform not only ensures the spiritual growth of the community but also enhances to improve the social upbringing of the people in the modern society.

Source: www.aninews.in