Rome: The British and American Embassies in the Holy Throne jointly held a symposium to honor the nuns who serve as missionaries for the poor and the weak. The one-hour online symposium, titled “Leading Nuns”, was held at 11am local time in Rome this morning. The US Ambassador to the Holy Throne, Kalista Ging Irish and British Ambassador Sally Axworthy were specially commemorated before the Symposium.

It is noteworthy that the embassies held a symposium to pay tribute to the many who are suffering in connection with the Kovid at a time when the saints are comforted. The embassy said the symposium was aimed at helping those who are suffering from unemployment, poverty and lack of food.

Three nuns with experience in education, human rights and human trafficking participated in the panel discussions. Superior General C of the Congregation of the Holy Eucharist, which takes up children with disabilities in Northern Ghana. Stan Theres Mumoni, President of the Saints Against Human Trafficking and Exploitation c. C. Superior of the Jerusalem Superior of the Camboni Sisters, who play at such places as E Melda Poole and Chad. Alicha Vakas led the discussions.


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