Consumption of electricity usually does not affect us directly. Maybe that is the reason why we do not take this matter seriously. Electricity is indeed very costly and hence we must take it upon ourselves to find alternatives to electricity usage. Appliance’s electricity consumption accounts for 37% of total household energy usage across the nation.

This lent what each one of us can do is this small exercise. Take the electricity bill for the previous month. Note down the amount. Now, make conscious efforts throughout the month to make least use of electricity – the aim of this exercise is to reduce electricity use & thereby have a drastic fall in the bill amount. Try these simple steps:

  • Stop living a closed life. Open your windows and doors. The benefits are twofold. Not only will you allow fresh air in, you will also develop close relations with your neighbours.
  • Watch TV together in one room and be with your family in the same room. Small gestures like this will help you save electricity.
  • Switch off the main power to the TV, set top box as well as the WiFi router at night.
  • Avoid keeping the geyser on for a longer time while taking a shower.
  • Try to set aside at least one day this Lent Season as a “No Electricity Day”

Inputs from Ancy Albert


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