Chennai. Making the beginning of the second day of SIGNIS India’s Annual Seminar in DBCAS Chennai, was a special address on ‘Strategies and Methods of Sharing Hope and Trust Stories in the Mainstream Media’ .

The address was by Mr. RBU Shyam Kumar, CEO of Puthiyathalamurai Television, Chennai. Mr. Kumar began by establishing a context for his talk. He talked about the nature of people consuming media today. Most lack practical knowledge; which precedes success. Other than knowledge, the desire to plant hope is a factor to spread trust and hope stories on media. “Great people are ordinary people with extraordinary amount of determination”, he said. Then he moved on to his major theme, steps to guarantee success in mainstream media to share hope:

  1. Be credible and competitive
  2. Be interesting and informative
  3. Be swift and socially responsible

But, his most important piece of advice to incorporate, objectivity. In his words. “Present the visuals as it is to the people, let them interpret the meaning out of it”.


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