SAN FRANCISCO: The popularity of the United States is growing stronger as the militants demolish the statue of St. Juniper in the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. The statue of the 18th-century Catholic missionary Junipero Serra was destroyed by a mob on Friday evening. The video, which displays the statue being tattooed on the ground using ropes and mutilated with red paint, has come out on social media.

Protesters advocate that Saint Junipero was “a symbol of European colonization” and that his missionary work had prompted indigenous people to perform forced labor.

Historians say that Saint Junipero was an advocate of human rights and a protector of the natives. As a proof of this, the sorrow of the natives at the death of the saint is mentioned. The Holy Spirit, who organized nine missionary missions to lead the natives to the Christian faith, was also instrumental in the upliftment of the society by teaching techniques. There is growing anger throughout the United States for breaking the image of St. Junipero, which has taken the lives of people by its slogan, “Go ahead.”

San Francisco Archbishop Salvador Cordileone has also responded to the issue. “What is happening to our society? Did the national protests for the sake of racial justice and for the correction of police injustice fall into the hands of the perpetrators? ” Archbishop Salvador Cordileone responded. The protests are being promoted through the media. A statue of American national songwriter Francis Scott Key and former President Ulysses S. The attackers have also damaged the shape of the grant.


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