St. Joseph can be said as a true support of mankind with various significant roles that he has played in the history and thus can surely be considered as a perfect family man who worked and lived taking care of his family.  St. Joseph is a person who is known to be the most humble man. In today’s world where there are people who kill their unborn children,  St. Joseph is a person whom we all need to pray to for all the unborn children and the unsecured ones.

We can see that St. Joseph is a person who always stood by his wife Mary in every step of her life. We all should learn the qualities St. Joseph had and always be there with our spouse in every step of their lives ensuring our support and presence. We can see how caring he was when it came to the safety of his wife Mary and baby Jesus. Probably these are the qualities that a woman would look and appreciate in her man.

We all should learn things from St Joseph- the values and his way of accepting situations without any panic but firm faith and his obedience to God helped him to overcome all the problems and difficulties. He is a true example of a Gentleman. St. Joseph has played a very important role in fulfilling the word of God on earth with Mother Mary.