In these days, when we see that the youth have conquered the world with their smartness. One person is not a born saint but he can become one with his own will and to follow this, we have a saint who is known as the king of the youth. He is none other than St. John Bosco, a person who knew how to mingle with the youth. He was an inspiration to the youth.

 Every person in today’s generation has forgotten the true meaning of values, culture and traditions and many more. We all should learn and understand the true meaning of ‘youth’. ‘Youth’ are the ones who help the community grow stronger. St. John Bosco was a person who was a modern apostle to the youth, he made the community stronger and united through the youth.

Youth should learn the leadership qualities just like St. John Bosco and act accordingly, to have a better world filled with equality and love. The future of the world lies in the hands of the energetic and spiritual Youth and God will act through the Youth to change the world to a better place.




Written by: Ann Josy