Holy Father Pope Francis while addressing the faithful gathered in Paul VI hall, for his General Audience meet, continued his catechesis on the Holy Eucharist, focusing his attention on the Gloria and the opening prayer of the Holy Mass. His Holiness Pope Francis recalled the rite of reciting the ancient hymn “Glory to God in the highest.”

As reported by Vatican Radio, Holy Father Pope Francis remarked that “Echoing the song of the angelus, at our Lord’s birth, we praise the mercy of the Father in sending his Son who takes away the sins of the world. The Opening prayer is also called the Collect because it gathers up and presents to the Trine God all our individual prayers.” The Pope went on to explain that the priest’s invitation, “Let us pray”, is followed by a moment of silence, and he urged priests “not to rush” but respect these silent moments Further, His Holiness added, “Silence means being ready to listen to one’s heart and above all, the voice of the Holy Spirit.”

His Holiness Pope Francis concluded his remarks by highlighting that “by reflecting on these rich prayers, and uniting ourselves with the Church in lifting them up to God, we see how the liturgy becomes for each Christian a true school of prayer.”