Former Representative of the House of Representatives Frank Wolf urged the United States to send a special envoy to coordinate measures to protect Christians in Nigeria. Frank Woolf made this demand at a press conference organized by the ‘In Defense of Christians’ campaign to raise awareness about the anti-Christian persecution. “If there is an outbreak in Nigeria, it will destabilize the neighboring countries. People in Nigeria are asking for help. So far, the steps taken by the US Embassy in Nigeria have not been effective in protecting the afflicted community.” Wolf explained.

Islamic extremists have killed more people in Nigeria than the Islamic State killed. He sadly revealed, however, that the plight of Christians in Nigeria is not being noticed. Wolf attended the House of Representatives representing the 10th Congressional District of Virginia, and is an expert on human rights, genocide and religious freedom. Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukka, Bishop of Sokoto, also attended the conference.

Bishop Kooka pointed out that the problems in Nigeria today are due to a culture that does not value Christianity. Changes in the political, economic and political levels have contributed to the growth of terrorists. The extremists are trying to exploit a vacuum created by Western countries that have deviated from Christian faith and values. Bishop Kukka openly stated that diplomatic representatives from the West were not interested in the faith of God, especially in the Christian faith.

He said many of the political appointments made by the Nigerian government were beneficial to the militants. The president-elect, military and security chiefs are Muslims. This is the first time in the history of the country. Perhaps this is what is pushing the government back from taking action against religious persecution. He said the lack of a nationally Christian body in order to bring Christian persecution to the international community was a serious problem facing the believer community. US President Donald Trump has come forward to condemn the Christian genocide in Nigeria. But the general consensus is that there has been no positive intervention on the part of the United States.


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