The time before Easter is one for reflecting on, fasting and abstaining from the actions, objects, and attitudes in our life that separate us from God. For many, it is also a time of renewal and reconnection, to our Creator and the great gift of creation. It so happens that the lead-up to Easter is a great time for some conscious reassessments with a view to living and working more sustainably.

During Lent this year, The Kalyan Media Cell (KMC) and Catholic Focus of the Eparchy of Kalyan invite us to try a “fast from carbon,” that is, to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide you emit into the atmosphere. Carbon Fast promotes a reduction in energy use through efficiency and energy savings which directly results in the immediate reduction of heat-trapping carbon dioxide emissions that are responsible for global climate change.

Why should one consider a fast from carbon? There are at least five reasons:

  1. The carbon dioxide being emitted into the environment, in the form of greenhouse gases, is changing the climate of God’s creation, our planet Earth.
  2. The sources of these greenhouse gases are largely produced by human beings and the lifestyle in the society created.
  3. The largest component of greenhouse gases is carbon dioxide, which comes from the burning of fossil fuels during the generation of electricity, from the modes of transportation used and many such sources.
  4. Unless people reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases, the impact of these increases will be devastating for the planet, for its people—especially the poor and vulnerable—and for the plants and animals that have lived here for millions of years.
  5. God created this Earth, declared it to be good, and expects us to “Care for Creation” and to maintain its goodness for future generations.

Anyone can undertake The Carbon Fast Challenge at any time of the year. The 50 days need not be the 50 days of Lent. Carbon fasting doesn’t need to cost anything. Every step taken counts for something. It surprising at how much difference even the smallest step can make.

It’s not as hard as one might think to “fast from carbon,” although one cannot give up carbon entirely as it is so intertwined with our existence. But this Lenten season can be used to reflect on the amount of carbon dioxide generated and to commit to reducing that amount.

Engaging in a carbon-free Lent is a practical and purposeful way to put faith into action.

May the Lord grant us all a blessed and holy Lent.


  1. Hi there,

    This in a great step and an challenge for us to make such fast during lent for saving our mother earth. Let’s all strive to make this one better with maximum efforts.
    God bless you all.


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