Rome: Devil’s attempt to normalize worship as a new phase of his plan to turn believers away from God. This warning has been issued by renowned exorcist, Rev. Fr. Francesco Beaumont. He also condemned the recently released children’s book for indirectly promoting the worship of Satan. Fr Francesco said that Satan’s worship was to promote worship as an alternative to traditional religions and philosophies. 

Seeking help from the devil is like playing with a grenade. According to Beaumont, a children’s book, A Children’s Book of Demons, written by Aaron Leighton and published by Koyama Press, Canada, indirectly encourages children to seek Satan’s help to escape their homework and mockery. As Beaumont pointed out, He warned that some of the expressions in this book are meant to summon spirits and that anyone who encourages children to read the book will be a Satanist.

In the 1970s, a children’s book of demons was the next step in the plan to universalize the worship of Satan. Earlier in February, Hope Not Hate reported that children and young people in the UK were increasingly joining Nazi organizations such as the Satanic cult.


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