SAN FRANCISCO: San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone held a prayer of atonement and exorcism in the spot where the statue of Saint Junipero Sera, which had been crushed by leftist militants, stood. Prayer and chanting were part of the atonement. The Archbishop reparated the area with the holy water, Fr. Stephen Rossetti explained.

The Archbishop also addressed the release of Pope Leo on behalf of individuals, places and objects. A few pictures of exorcism and atonement were made by Rev. Fr. Thomas Moore posted on Instagram. This is why the exorcism ministry is gaining media attention. He wrote on Instagram that various believers along with their shepherd Archbishop Cordileone came to pray at the site where the statue of Junipero Sera was destroyed, the Archbishop exorcised and all prayed for justice and peace. A few photos have also been released via the Twitter account of SF Citizen. On June 19, the image of Junipero Sera came to the United States as a Franciscan missionary.


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