The relics of St. Antony of Padua will be brought to Goa in March 2018, for a three-day pilgrimage. The two original sacred relics— a fragment of St Anthony’s petrified flesh in a beautiful bust and his smallest rib in a casket—brought from Rome, will be kept at Monte de Guirim and Navelim for veneration.

As reported by TOI, Fr Waldheim Rodrigues, provincial minister, St Anthony Capuchin province, Goa, remarked that “St Anthony of Padua is a very popular saint in the Catholic Church and for Goans too. He was a very charismatic preacher and miracle worker. Our province is dedicated to him and we hope this pilgrimage urges people to draw inspiration from his life and change their own lives

During this pilgrimage in India, the relics are also being taken to Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Meghalaya.

Source: TOI