“When you are taken out of the dust, you will eat bread with the sweat of your forehead until you meet the dust. You are dust and you will return to the dust” (Genesis 3:19)

Meditate with Pope St. John Paul II

Science is progressing every day. Many innovations are being made on a daily basis. Multinational corporations are competing for big gains in the industry. But the preemption policies the industry has been experiencing up until a few years ago have been very sad. We know that in those days, labor was an inhumane social phenomenon. More specifically, a period of brutal exploitation. A time of ideology that preached the liberation of the oppressed working class in power.

No matter how much science grows, the Church’s attitude toward the laborer remains unchanged. In the early industrial days, we have to look for work that considers spiritual values ​​so that workers do not repeat the harassment and appeasement policies suffered by them. Whatever our profession, we must keep spiritual values ​​close to it. Faith and hope in God guarantee that our profession will be blessed.

(Pope St. John Paul II, Pianensenza, 5.6.88)


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