Two more British Malayalees have been elevated to the rank of Permanent Deacon, translating the unwritten word that the evangelization of Europe is through the Malayalees. Jacob Cherian, a member of St. Mary’s Parish, Njarakkal, Ernakulam, and Prameel Joseph, a member of St. Sebastian’s Parish, Ezhalloor, Thodupuzha will be ordained as permanent deacons for the East Anglia Catholic Diocese today and tomorrow. The title of Permanent Deacon is the title bestowed on married men after they have been specially trained to assist in the pastoral ministry. Permanent deacons have the authority to administer pastoral services other than the Eucharist and confession.

Today (July 29) at 11.30 am Jacob Cherian and tomorrow (July 30) at 11.30 am Prameel Joseph will receive the title of Permanent Deacon through the signing service of East Anglican Bishop Alan Lopez. The anointing ceremony, which was to take place together on June 13, was rescheduled for two days according to the COVID protocol. Jacob’s life was marked by a life of exile in Saudi Arabia, where religious freedom was severely restricted. Having entered the experience of God, he has been active in leading prayer groups with his family and has been active in prayer groups since arriving in the UK. He now focuses on prison ministry in Whitemore. Wife: Rosalie Jacob. Children: Isaac, Abraham, and Joseph.

Prameel Joseph, a native of Thodupuzha, sees his mission as a re-entry into the call of God, which was stopped halfway. Prameel, who embraced family life halfway through his seminary studies, is delighted to be able to answer his call to God through the ministry of Permanent Deaconate. Prameel Joseph serves at Little Hay Prison Ministry in Huntington. Wife Biji Mol. Children: Clement, Calvin, and Clayton. The two deacons, who are prison chaplains, are responsible for everything from the conversion of prisoners and the strengthening of their spiritual and moral values ​​to the provision of sacramental life for them.

In June 2018, Anil Lucas, Editor-in-Chief of Pravachakashabdam, received the title of Permanent Deacon for the Archdiocese of Liverpool. This was the last permanent deacon reception held among the British Malayalees. The Malayalee community is waiting for the services with prayers and greetings to the two who will enter the service life from among themselves after two years.


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