Talking about his Apostolic Visit to Japan, The Holy Father Pope Francis said on 25th November that his motive is to spread awareness about the preciousness of each life. He stated, “The theme of my visit is ‘Protect All Life’, in the recognition of its inviolable dignity and the importance of showing solidarity and support to our brothers and sisters in any kind of need.”
The Pontiff circulated this message in nine major languages including English and shared his thoughts with the hashtag #ApostilicJourney.
The Pope clearly explains the basic principle of his Apostolic Journey through this recent post. During his Apostolic Visit to Japan, the Holy Father made it a point to visit the locations which has magnified the value of life. He visited the Nishizaka Hills, the location of Triple disaster, Nagasaki and all relevant regions that marked the loss of life and thereby enhanced the importance of each life. At each location, Pope Francis had culminated the meet with a prayer for all the deceased, who lost their lives for the greater glory of God.


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