Indiana: Accomplishing the Holy Father’s advocacy that a ‘Priest should try and understand his people,’ a priest in Indiana has found new methods to bring parishioners closer to the sacrament of Reconciliation. Rev. Fr. Patrick OP is the vicar of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, Indiana. On contrary to the conventional means, Fr. Patrick himself visits the University of Puerto Rico and administers the sacrament to the students. The highlight of this practice is that, he uses a golf cart to travel and that the sacrament is performed in a much more interactive manner.

In his opinion, Confessions are an integral and pivotal part of our Christian Catholic Faith. Hence, it is not necessary to execute the administration in the existing orthodox manners. To bring the faithful closer towards God, he doesn’t mind trying innovative schemes. The spiritual ministry carried out by Fr. Patrick is being triumphantly used by the students of the college. Though his practices seemed to be dysfunctional, it’s turning out to improve the spiritual life of people, says the students of the University unanimously.


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