Holy Father Pope Francis while addressing the seminarians and student priests studying in Rome conveyed them to care for their ongoing human and spiritual formation while being always open to the Holy Spirit. The seminarians and student priests who come from around the world for ecclesiastical studies reside in the pontifical colleges and ecclesiastical boarding schools of the city. His Holiness Pope Francis stressed on human, spiritual formation in the life of seminarians, in the meeting,

As reported by Vatican Radio, Responding to a French seminarian who wanted to know about how a priest could be a humble disciple and missionary at the same time, His Holiness Pope Francis remarked that “A priest must be a man who is on the move, who listens and who is never alone.  He must be humble enough to be accompanied.” The relaxed question and answer session in which the Pope responded to 5 questions from the audience, was punctuated with jokes, laughter and cheer.

His Holiness Pope Francis concluded his remarks by recommending priests to form themselves along human, pastoral, spiritual, communitarian lines. Holy Father reminded that the need for permanent formation is born of the awareness of one’s weakness and limitations.