Rome: Angola President Joao Lorenzo has visited the Vatican and met with Pope Francis to change the unwritten law of the world states that the President should be present at Independence Day. He arrived in the Vatican to meet with Pope Francis on the sidelines of Angola’s 44th Independence Day celebrations on November 11. The fact that Lorenzo arrived in the Vatican contrary to the usual practice in the world states that the president should be present at the Independence Day celebrations, adds to the significance of the meeting.

During a half-hour meeting at the Pope’s library in the Vatican, the duo discussed social harmony, peace, and the economic and social problems facing Angola. There was also a discussion about the two countries working together. “The two parties will sign bilateral agreements at the Angola Embassy in Rome,” the statement said.

During the meeting, Pope Francis handed over important letters and certain papal letters to the President. President in return presented a painting of a famous Angolan artist. Lorenzo’s wife Ana Diaz also met Pope Francis. Meanwhile, in the absence of the president, Deputy President Bonito de Souza presided over Angola’s Independence Day celebrations. Ten years ago in 2009, Pope Benedict XVI had visited Angola.


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