The 29th Potta National Bible Convention has begun from February 7, 2018. Vincentian congregation provincial Fr. James Kallungal inaugurated the convention. Every day the convention will begin with the Holy Mass and will have preaching session, adoration of the Holy Sacrament, Praise and Worship sessions in it.

As reported by, Fr. James Kallungal remarked that “The word of God will help us to stay calm even in our sickness, troubles and struggles. If we welcome the word of God then it will surely encourage us to think and do good as a sign of repentance.”

Fr. Mathew Naickomparambil, Fr. Jojo Maripattu, preached and carried out the deliverance service. Chalakudy St. Mary’s Forane Vicar Fr. Jose Palatty was the chief celebrant for the Holy Mass.