Rome: Pope Francis has initiated a special financial aid program to help the troubled people of the Roman diocese he presides over in the wake of the pestilence that ravaged Italy. On Monday, the pope presented Cardinal Angelo the Donatis, the Vicar General of the Roman diocese, with a donation of 10 million euros (Rs 8.60 crore). Vatican media reports that Pope Francis has launched a special financial aid program to help families struggling to make ends meet due to unemployment, economic downturns and other social crises.

The papacy explained that Jesus was motivated to devise a sub-project called “Divine Worker” to remind the beneficiaries and fund managers alike of the dignity and dignity of the profession and the need to live and work. Recognizing the hardships of Roman Catholic families, the Pope has appealed to the institutions, movements, individuals, and clergy of Rome to make a generous donation to the fund.

Pope Francis, in his letter to Cardinal Donatis, has suggested that the corporation should pay more attention to those who are suffering from the inadequacy of the protection and benefits of government and institutions. The Roman Center of Caritas, the church’s official NGO, will lead the activities. Pope Francis has set up another Emergency Coronal Aid Fund to help mission areas around the world that were previously affected by the coronary epidemic. The first donation was $ 750,000.


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