Vatican City: Pope Francis has received a sixty-strong delegation from the Vatican, including the president, bishops, physicians and nurses who fought against the pestilence in Lombardia, the most vulnerable area to the deadly attack of the coronavirus in Italy. This was the first public meeting of the pope after the withdrawal of the lockdown in Italy. The Pope said that during this period of the Covid 19 pestilence, hospitality workers became the silent architects of the culture of intimacy and tenderness.

During the pestilence, the pastoralists testified of God’s proximity to the suffering of the pope, commemorating the manifold goodness of Italy’s various sectors in dealing with the emergencies of health. In his message, the pope referred to the need to rebuild tomorrow after the Great War. It requires the hard work, energy and dedication of everyone.

In the wake of the pestilence it became clear that the man who was created to live in fellowship and fraternity was trying to focus only on one’s life. But once the pestilence is over, there is the danger of falling into such delusion again and forgetting that we need others, needing the help of another, and forgetting that we need a father who will help us. Call on God, pray, this prayer is the spirit of hope. The pope added. Covid confirmed 92,675 people in Lombardia. 16,536 died.


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