Vatican City: The Holy Father is all over the internet yet again, with his act of humility. The image of the Pope receiving blessings from a newly ordained young priest has fascinated the world, which now resonates the humbleness of Pope Francis. Major catch of the Social media post is that the Father of the Universal Church, before whom, more the 130 Crore Catholics bow with reverence; has unhesitatingly bowed his head before the novice priest.

Comments on social media describe Pope Francis as the beacon of humility and mercy. Few also read that, the act portrayed by Pope himself is an inspiration for many Catholics across the globe to live in humility and meekness.

Though the identity of the neo- priest has not been divulged by the Vatican, the social media merrily congratulates the hands, which could bless the Pontiff. As for the Pope himself, the world got testified of his ideal virtues, yet again.


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