Pope Francis addresses journalists and technical staff from Italian RAI Television’s local news channel to mark 40 years of its activity. Regional information, he tells them, communicates “the voice of the people”.

“local news is no less important than national news,” says Pope Francis while addressing the television journalists, producers and technical staff. By quoting this, the Holy Father ousted the predominant phenomenon of regional news suppression over national news. He further continued to say that regional language news channels and newspapers are more significant in understanding the truthful response of the audience. From social, economical, political t art and literature, the local news media outlets have turned pivotal to decipher the public opinion of the viewers in a particular place. He also spoke about how local news broadcasts gives space to tiny news elements that would otherwise go unnoticed in national media.  

Moving on, he spoke about the myriad kinds of globalization. According to the Pontiff, there is a ‘harmful globalization’ and a ‘good globalization’. The latter “unites us, and can help us to be members of one another”, he said. Harmful globalization, on the other hand, ”makes everyone the same, rather than valuing diversities, cultures, histories, and traditions”. 

The Pope concluded his session with the journalists by encouraging them to promote more local and regional news. He said, There is a “submerged ocean of goodness”, “that deserves to be known”. 


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