Holy Father Pope Francis while addressing the Italian Theological Association in an audience that took place during Octave Christmas, conveyed that theological reflection requires creative fidelity, communion and the eyes of faith in order to confront the challenges facing humanity today. His Holiness Pope Francis also highlighted that the world needs a theology capable of helping Christians to proclaim “the salvific Face of the Merciful God.”

As reported by Vatican radio, Holy Father Pope Francis remarked that “In these days, we are immersed in the joyous contemplation of the mystery of our God, who so involved and compromised Himself in our poor humanity as to send His Son and to take on, in Him, our fragile flesh.” Further, His Holiness added, “The Incarnation is the starting point for the theological reflection and theology will never exhaust the living Fount of divine Love, which allowed Himself to be touched, looked upon and savored in the manger of Bethlehem.”

His Holiness Pope Francis reminded about the challenges faces by the world today which included the ecological crisis, genetic modification of human DNA, social inequality, mass migration and theoretical and practical relativism. Holy Father Pope Francis appreciated ATI for their efforts in successfully completing its 50th years since its founding.