His Holiness Pope Francis welcomed to the Vatican about 100 priests from the diocese of Crétiel, near Paris who are on pilgrimage to Rome. In his address, Holy Father Pope Francis thanked God for their vocations to be “faithful ministers of the mysteries of Christ.” He noted that today the Church is “battered by opposing and violent winds, especially because of the grave sins committed by some of its members.” But, he said, it is important to remember the “humble fidelity” of the great majority of those called to serve the Church as priests.

As reported by Vatican news, The Pontiff said that those who answer the call to ordained ministry are not called to be “superheroes,” but to serve others after the pattern established by Jesus, who was wounded, died, and rose again – because, he said, “our mission is to bear witness to the strength of the Resurrection in the wounds of this world.”  The Pope encouraged them to foster and develop community life, so that the value of priestly life can be recognized as a service of truly missionary communion.

His Holiness concluded his remarks by encouraging them that “Allow yourselves to be transformed and renewed by the Spirit in order to recognize the word the Lord wants to offer the world through your life and your ministry.”