Vatican City: Pope Francis urges the gathering of three liturgical prayers in Lithuania for the Prayer of the Holy Mary. In the litany, the pope invokes three petitions: ‘Mother misericordiae’, ‘Mater spei’ and ‘Solacium migrantium’. The letter was sent to the heads of the bishops’ groups for consideration.

In the letter, “Mother of Mercy” is proposed to be added to “Mother of the Church” in the litany, “Mother of Hope”, “Mother of God’s Pleasure” and “Comfort of Immigrants” and “Refuge of Sinners”.

The letter, jointly issued by Cardinal Robert Sarah and Secretary Archbishop Arthur Roche, was announced on Saturday, June 20 on the feast day of the Sacred Heart of Mary. The present prayer, known as Litany of Loreto, is centuries old. It was approved in 1587 by Sixtus V, who was the then Pope.


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