Holy Father Pope Francis continued his catechesis on the various parts of the Mass, focusing this week on the Our Father and the “breaking of the Bread.” His Holiness Pope Francis highlighted that the Our Father recited not only in the Mass, but also in the Morning and Evening Prayer of the Church, gives a Christian character to the whole day, forming in us a filial attitude towards God, and a fraternal relationship with our neighbor.

As reported by Vatican Radio, Holy Father Pope Francis remarked that “In the Our Father, we ask God to give us “our daily bread,” a petition that has particular reference to the Eucharist. The Lord’s Prayer also calls us to be reconciled with our brothers and sisters, when we pray for our sins to be forgiven, “as we forgive those who trespass against us.” And so, while we open our hearts to God, the Our Father disposes us also to fraternal love.”

His Holiness Pope Francis concluded his catechesis by exhorting that the final invocations before Holy Communion help us to dispose our souls to participate in the Eucharistic banquet, the source of communion with God and with our brothers and sisters.