Holy Father Pope Francis while addressing the representatives of Italian Periodicals Press Union (USPI) and the Italian Federation of Catholic Weeklies (FISC) conveyed the significance of reporting a news with authenticity and serenity. His Holiness Pope Francis reminded them that they have a mission to inform properly, to offer everyone a version of the facts as close as possible to reality.

As reported by news.va, Holy Father Pope Francis remarked that “News be communicated with serenity, precision and completeness, using a calm language in favor of fruitful reflection; thoughtful and clear words, which reject the tempers of allusive, clamorous and ambiguous speech.” Further, His Holiness added, “It is important that the criteria of judgment and information are offered patiently and methodically so that public opinion is able to understand and discern and is not stunned and disoriented.”

Holy Father Pope Francis concluded his remarks by urging that the right to information and the dignity of every single human person be “scrupulously respected”, so no one risks being damaged in the absence of real and responsible circumstantial evidence. His Holiness emphasized that “There is no need to fall into sins of communications: misinformation that is saying only a part which is calumny and which is sensational or defamation that seeks out things past and old and bringing them to light today.”