Dr. Mary Ann Muckaden, Professor & Head of Department of Palliative Medicine in Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, presented her research paper on ‘Palliative Care’ under the session of ‘End of life issues’ conveying the significance of palliative care in a patient’s life. She was presenting her research paper at “EVA- Global Symposium on Life”, where she conveyed that palliative care is an approach to improve the quality of life of patients and their families, facing the problem associated with a life-threatening illness. She explained the importance and spiritual care that has to be given to a patient in order to make him/her feel alive.

Dr. Mary Muckaden remarked that “The main objective of Palliative care is to emphasis on the quality of life and quality of death and the three essential components of palliative care are : Symptom relief, psychological support, teamwork and partnership.” She highlighted that the quality of life is all about an inverse relationship between an individual’s expectation and reality and explained about the scope in India of life-limiting conditions.

Dr. Mary Muckaden reminded about the special physical, psychological and spiritual care that have to be given to a patient who suffers. Her presentation enlightened the galaxy of intellectuals that palliative care is an opportunity to take care of the needy, the suffering ones and it should be seen as a burden. She concluded by mentioning various challenges still faced in delivering palliative care in India, which included poverty, illiteracy, lack of basic amenities, especially in villages, low health budget and many more.