Kottayam: The Archdiocese of Changanacherry has said that there is no impediment to cremation of the bodies of people who die due to COVID. Archbishop Mar Joseph Perunthottam informed about this in the circular for the parish vicars. The circular states that after cremation in public places, the ashes should be cremated in a cemetery and not cremated at home. There are also strict instructions for an ultimatum. People wearing PPE kits may be shown dead bodies but should not hug or touch. There are also suggestions for funeral services. The body should be taken directly to the cemetery for cremation. Home, church, and cemetery services can be held at the cemetery altogether.

The body should be buried in a pit or grave. Cellar not allowed. The pits should be at least 6 feet deep. The circular also says that if a person who dies at home is suspected to be a COVID positive patient, the family should inform the ward member of the local government and the health department, test the swab from the body as per their instructions and bury the body according to the guidelines. The funeral can accommodate up to 20 people. The mask must be worn by everyone. Mar Perunthottam said in a circular that those carrying the coffin must wear a PPE kit.


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