Changanacherry: The Archdiocese of Changanacherry has said that there will be no celebrations related to the Holy Father’s day on 19th March following the directions given by the government in the wake of coronavirus spread. Youssef, the Heavenly Mediator of the Archdiocese, will not be holding regular gatherings and other celebrations in the Archdiocese this year, on the day of his father’s death. The opportunity to visit the ancestors and congratulate them on the occasion of the feast of the Holy Father has also been omitted.

Outdoor activities and other programs that are organized in the parishes and institutions as part of the feast day of the feast are being avoided. The Archdiocese stated that the Lord’s Mercy appealed to the believers to seek speedy release from this epidemic that is spreading throughout the world, and urges believers to intensify fasting.


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