KARACHI: The majority of Muslims in Pakistan, are forcing religious minorities, specifically Christians, to clean their sewage water with bare hands. Christians are called ‘dirty’, according to a leading American newspaper, the New York Times. Sewage pipes filled with worms, dirt, malicious organisms, and toxic gases often have to be cleaned without wearing masks or gloves.

Christians and lower-caste Hindus are forced to clean the Sewage Pipes. Christians, who make up just 1.6% of the population, do 80% of the sewage pipe cleaning. Even the advertisements in Pakistani military newspapers for cleaning the tiles are said to be ‘Christian’ only. The ad was later moved to protest against social activists.

The New York Times reported that the men involved in the grueling work were accompanied by pictures. A Christian believer has revealed that he had to wait for his relative to suffocate and die because of the deadly poisonous gas in the pipe. Some doctors are reluctant to treat Christians who are cleaning sewage tanks, the report said. In Pakistan, a radical Islamic nation, they face severe discrimination from Muslims who pretend to be casteist.

The changing governments of Pakistan are said to be supporting the caste system. Pakistan is one of the most persecuted nations in the world, according to the Christian charity Open Doors. Extreme religious extremism exists in the country. International protests are strongly against this. There have been many reports of Christians being treated as second-class citizens in the country.


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