Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil, Keralite Catholic priest who was released from the terrorists on 12th September, 2017, while having a conversation with his confreres in the Vatican community of Salesians, highlighted that the Islamic abductors did not mistreat him but provided him with medicine for his severe diabetic condition. Fr. Uzhunnalil asserted that throughout his captivity, he celebrated Holy Mass daily, remembering readings and parts of the text, without liturgical texts or species to celebrate.

As reported by, Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil remarked that “I was never mistreated and that as a result of my rapid slimming, the kidnappers also began to provide me with diabetes medicines I needed.” Further, he added, “I never thought I could be killed.”

Immediately after arrival Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil wanted to celebrate Holy Mass but was asked to postpone it till medical examinations were over and before the arrival of the health care staffs, he wanted to have a confession, which he could not do throughout the 18-months of abduction. Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil appeared to be calm and answered the questions of the confreres but without giving much detail.