His Excellency Bishop Mar Thomas Elavanal of Kalyan Diocese while addressing the gathering at the Animation Renewal Centre (ARC), Panvel , highlighted the significance of religious vocations and appreciated them for their efforts and sacrifices they have made to come closer to the Lord Almighty. His Grace Bishop Elavanal was attending a public meeting held as a part of the celebration of Patron’s Day of the Eparchy on 30th June, 2018.

Addressing the priests and the sisters in the auditorium, Mar Thomas Elavanal remarked that “We all are doing our works for Jesus Christ, the works that are entrusted to us by Him. So, our vocations somehow visibly or invisibly unites us and binds us together,  forming us a community and a family. So, today, we are celebrating the feast of a family and a feast of community. Let us thank and appreciate all the priests and sisters for their presence and efforts. May God bless you to serve Him for the rest of your lives.” Further, His Grace added, “Count the Life in your years instead of counting the years in your Life.  God extends our life hoping that we will do something good to others, and come closer to the purpose that He has given us. So, we should thank the Lord Almighty for each and every day that He is blessing us with. Always remember, We need a qualitative life not a lengthy one! The question is all about: How far can we add quality in our lives!?”

His Grace Bishop Mar Thomas Elavanal concluded his remarks by exhorting that “Let us lead an exemplary life and let us Glorify our Lord’s name through all our missions and services.” He also wished everyone a happy and a blessed Feast.