His Excellency Thomas Luke Msusa, the Archbishop of Blantyre Archdiocese and Chairman of the Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM), has challenged those that are calling for pro-abortion legislation in Malawi to allow for a referendum. His Grace Archbishop highlighted those that are for the pro-abortion bill should not generalize that the majority of Malawians support the abortion bill because as far as he was concerned Malawians are a God-fearing nation against the bill.

As reported by Vatican Radio, His Excellency Thomas Luke remarked that “We note in particular that there are some worrisome trends in our democratization and emancipation that push for a worldview independent of and side-lining God and making human beings dependent on their own intellect, determining for themselves what is right and what is wrong. We are saddened to read that religion should not regulate morals.” Further, His Grace added, “We believe that life begins at conception; sacredness and sanctity of human life; both the mother and unborn child have the right to life and that all instances of direct abortions are a violation of the rights of the unborn because it is a willful killing of innocent life. The mission and mandate of the Church is to protect and defend life.”

In May this year, the Malawi Government released and gazette the Termination of Pregnancy Bill to the general public signaling its desire to proceed with enactment.