Sindhudurg: Fr. Alex D’Mello celebrated three Holy Qurbanas for those graves swept by monsoon floods late August. The cemeteries are located near the rivers and were flooded; graves and crosses washed away by the current.
An experience that “touched the heart” says Fr. Alex D’Mello, director of Social Communications of the Diocese of Sindhudurg, in Maharashtra describing the celebration of Masses for the dead in three sub-stations of the Ajra mission. The mission of Ajra, explains the priest, “is among the oldest in the diocese and includes vast territories. It was built around 250 years ago and has 14 sub-stations. In the beginning, it was entrusted to the Jesuits, then in 2015-2016, it was handed over to the Diocese of Sindhudurg.

On 2 November, the day when the Church remembers the souls of the deceased, he celebrated Mass in cemeteries without tombs or crosses, swept away by the monsoons. “We did not have the facilities to conduct liturgical services but the faithful sat on the grass and listened to the Word of God.”
Fr. D’Mello visited three locations: Dhangarmala, Gervase, and Kedge. The sub-stations are located in a mountainous area about three hours from the diocese and 15 km from each other. The inhabitants are mostly poor peasants. He left the diocese at 5 in the morning and reached the first destination at 8.

He notes that “the graveyards are permanently damaged. Some gram panchayats have given them alternative land but some are yet to get attention from the government. ” He concludes, the simple celebration of Mass for the departed “was an experience that raised my faith. In some places, there were just 15-20 people, but it was a magnificent Eucharist. It was a joy to give them Jesus “.

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